Admission Process

The following is the admissions process for new students wanting to be educated at Gilbert Christian Schools:


Tuition covers all classroom supplies, as well as instruments for Grades 1-3.

PK-12 Tuition Rates 2016-2017

PK-12 Tuition Rates 2017-2018


Grades K-6

A part-time program is not available at GCS for students in grades K-6.

Grades 7-12

Gilbert Christian Schools allows part-time students to enroll in up to four (4) classes. All part-time students must go through the same admissions process as full-time students, including an interview with the principal. Part-time students are also required to be in school uniform while on campus.

Junior High/High School Gilbert Christian Schools will admit part-time students at the junior high and high school levels into the part-time program on a space-available basis. Students applying for part-time admission pursuant to this policy shall be required to meet all entrance criteria to each course, subject, grade level, or activity that may be required of other students. All part-time students shall be required to comply with all school policies listed in the Student Handbook, building rules, and directions issued by GCS staff, as well as all athletic policies and regulations governing athletic participation in Gilbert Christian Schools programs. This will include,
but not be limited to, the payment of all participation fees that may be required.


  1. Part-time students will only participate in AIMS testing if they are enrolled in a math or English class and will take only the portion of the AIMS test for which they receive instruction at Gilbert Christian Schools.
  2. Part-time students are welcome to participate in field trips that are associated with the classes in which they are enrolled. Participation in other grade-level field trips will require the payment of a field trip fee determined by the administrator.
  3. Part-time students are enrolled based upon available space in classrooms. Students are guaranteed placement on a semester basis. If enrollment changes and space in a classroom is not available for the following semester, the parent will be notified. In the event that space in that particular classroom is not available, the registrar will work with the family to help meet their child’s academic needs.
  4. Part-time students are required to be enrolled in consecutive periods so that students are able to have their academic needs met at GCS and then return home for further study. In the event that consecutive periods are not available, the administration may offer a “study hall” option with a reduced fee.
  5. Part-time students are not eligible to receive a Gilbert Christian Schools Diploma. Students will not officially graduate from GCS; however, they may participate in all Graduation events, including the Senior Trip, Senior Dinner, and Graduation Ceremony.
  6. Except in exceptional circumstances, and only with Board approval, in order to receive a Gilbert Christian Schools Diploma, part-time students would have to (1) transfer to full-time status by their senior year so that at least seven of their last year’s credits (including Bible) are from GCHS; (2) have been enrolled full time for the previous three years of high school; and (3) meet with the Guidance Counselor to determine eligibility. The State of Arizona minimum course requirements for graduation cannot be waived under any circumstances.
  7. Participation in lunch is permitted only when enrolled in a class the following period.
  8. Part-time students must be enrolled in a minimum of two classes to be eligible to participate in the GCS Sports Program.


Student check-in requirements: If the student attends first period, they report directly to the classroom. If their first class is any period other than first period, they check in at the office. They will remain in the office until the previous period ends. If the student’s last class is the last period of the day, they leave campus as all other students. If the student’s last class is any period other than the last period of the day, they must check out in the office immediately following their last period. Students are not permitted to remain on campus following their last period without prior administrator approval.


Part-time students are responsible for annual tuition fees according to the current year tuition schedule.

New families will be assessed a $350 building fee. If the family chooses to become full-time, they will be assessed the remaining $400 balance of the $750 full-time building fee.

Educational Disability

Admission Consideration for Students with a Perceived Educational Disability

  • All children are created in the image of God and therefore receive love, respect, and educational opportunity if accepted at Gilbert Christian Elementary School.
  • Some students with special needs are accepted at GCS.
  • Parents of students with special needs must interview with the building principal to determine if GCS is the best learning environment for the special needs student.
  • Speech therapy is available on our campus for a reasonable but extra fee.
  • GCS offers limited special education assistance; our special education director helps classroom teachers address learning challenges in the regular classroom.
  • Time with a special education teacher may be available as a pull-out option for some children. This service is offered for a reasonable but extra fee.
  • Not declaring that your child has a special need, IEP or 504 plan is not in the best interest of the child’s education. Please fill out admission materials carefully.

Nondiscriminatory Policy

GCS admits students without regard to their race, color, national or ethnic origin.

Gilbert Christian Schools is in its eighth year providing a Christian education for international students. The International Student Program has included students from Korea, Japan, China, Sweden, Kenya, Germany, Romania, Thailand, Macau, and Vietnam. By the end of the 2014-2015 school year, we will have had 15 students graduate from GCS through the International Student Program. This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students.

Learn more about our International Student Program.