Driveline Instructions at Agritopia Campus

Driveline Directions for Parents at Agritopia Campus
PK-6 Student Pick-up Process

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Official Dismissal Times

  • Green Group/Grades PK-2: 3:00 – 3:15pm (late is 3:15)
  • Gold Group/Grades 3-5 (plus younger siblings): 3:15 – 3:25pm (late is 3:25)
  • No Driveline Group/Grade 6 (plus younger siblings): 3:25pm

Driveline Software is the process used at Gilbert Christian Schools in grades prekindergarten to 5th grade to coordinate a rapid student release in a safe, quick and orderly fashion, while maintaining safety and order in our parking lots and designated pick-up areas. Driveline minimizes student exposure to extreme weather conditions, parent wait times, students wandering around school grounds, and local traffic problems. Sixth grade will not use the Driveline but will be released at 3:25 from their classrooms to pick up elementary siblings or carry out their after-school get home plan.

Parking Lot Procedure: We have a one-way parking lot. The entrance is located by the tennis courts on Agritopia Loop and the exit is on Promenade Lane. During Driveline times (2:50-3:25pm) cars may only enter the parking lot by making a right turn into the lot. Making a left turn into the parking lot during Driveline times backs up Agritopia Loop both ways causing a safety hazard for the neighborhood and especially our walkers.

There are two types of lanes within the K6 parking lot: 1) the outer pull-through lane; 2) the inner pickup lane. Parents who wish to have students meet them at their car must enter the school parking lot and pull into the inside, pick-up lane that is closest to the building. Parents who wish to park and pick-up their child should use the pull-through lane. We also have an area we call the “pickup zone” which is the end of the inner pickup lane. This zone is directly in front of the office.

How does Driveline work? Each family is assigned a unique identifier number or Family ID. Color coded car pick-up signs are issued to each family at Cookies and Classrooms. The sign is to be placed on the vehicle’s rearview mirror at pick-up. The Family ID is used within the Driveline Software to link the parent’s vehicle with the student(s) in their family. Families are given two Family ID signs. These can be shared with others who may pick up your child or to share with carpools.

Upon a parent’s arrival to the school at release time, Driveline Dispatch is used in the parking lot to enter the arriving vehicle’s information; a school staff member (in orange vest) enters the Family ID from your clearly displayed pick-up sign into an iPhone or iPod touch. This sends the information to the Driveline Desktop on the classroom teacher’s computer. This application displays the student’s name in the student’s corresponding classroom to inform the teacher and student of his/her parent’s arrival. The student(s) is then released knowing his/her car has pulled into the pick-up zone and is ready for pick-up. It is crucial to stress with your children that he/she is to walk directly to the pickup zone when the Family ID number pops up in his/her classroom. If your child does not come to the zone in a timely fashion, you may be asked to go around and join the line again. It is very important that the line continues to move so cars do not spill out onto Agritopia Loop. If we all work together and follow the procedures, this process will be smooth and be a blessing to all.

Release Times: There are two Driveline release times. Green Group/Grades PK-2: 3:00 (late is 3:15). Gold Group/Grades 3-5:  3:15 (late is 3:25). The parking lot attendant will only invite cars waiting in the pull-through lane with green signs into the pickup zone between 2:50 – 3:15. All those with gold signs will be permitted into the pickup zone starting at 3:15. If a car with a green sign comes after 3:15, his/her green number will not be entered into the system, and he/she must park and come to the student’s classroom or office to pick up the child. After 3:25 any students not picked up must be signed out in the office on the late pickup form. Teachers and office staff have much work to finish after the children go home. Please protect their planning time by picking up your child on time.

Green group and Gold Group Families with older siblings: PreK-2 grade students who have older siblings will be assigned to the group of their oldest sibling. This allows older students to not miss valuable class time and allows our families to come through the parking lot once – not having to wait through multiple time slots. Families who have a 6th grader will not be given a driveline number as the 6th grade student will pick up his/her siblings at 3:25pm. Of course, parents are always welcome to pick up their younger students in their classroom at the official dismissal times:  Green: 3:00pm and Gold: 3:15pm.

Carpool and Service Providers: Should your family be a part of a carpool, give the driver copies of the car pick-up sign issued with the corresponding Family ID’s given to you at Cookies and Classroom. This number is required to pick up those students in your carpool. Such students must be on the carpool list and the classroom teacher must be fully informed about those authorized to pick up your child. In other words, those in a carpool will display two (or more) family ID’s.

Walkers: Children who are 2nd grade and older will be allowed to walk home with parent permission. These children will be designated as walkers and released at 3:15pm. Walkers should leave the campus immediately and walk home. Note: although we allow it, most second graders do not walk home alone; therefore, please use parental discernment concerning this choice.

Park & Pick-Up: Parents who choose to park in the parking lot and meet the child at the classroom door may do so. Once you pick up your child, please supervise him or her. Running and throwing balls in the congested courtyard is not safe and hinders those making their way to the pickup zone. Please remember, you may not park in the roundabout traffic circle, at the clubhouse or in neighborhood designated parking spaces. This creates safety hazards, slows the process down for the school community, and makes for poor neighborhood relationships.

Appointment Pick-Ups: It is recommended that if you schedule appointments at the end of the school day that you pick up your student either before 2:50pm or after 3:25pm. If your appointment requires pick up during Driveline times (2:50-3:25pm), you will need to park outside the school parking lot and come into the office to get your student.