Welcome to iCollege!

Welcome to iCollege, the Guidance Counseling Department of Gilbert Christian Schools. Our purpose is to work with staff, parents, students, and community to help our students become equipped for life after high school. We strive to guide them in making choices while they are in high school which will affect all areas of academic, college/career, personal/social, and spiritual development.

Senior Guidance Calendar 2016-17

Graduation Requirements

All Gilbert Christian High School students are encouraged to develop their talents within the widest possible scope of academic disciplines. Our minimum requirements for graduation are higher than those required by Arizona state law.

We want to help students plan well so they may:

  • become well-rounded Christians, exploring new areas of study
  • develop their gifts and strengths
  • prepare for tests required for college admissions (e.g., SAT, ACT)
  • balance their course load over their years at GCHS
  • prepare for post high school interests, such as college, university, service, mission, or work

GCHS Annual Scholarships 2016-2017

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